My name is Henry Boyd. I’m a bartender, writer, traveller, and spirits aficionado. I started Still Pilgrim after a few life-changing trips that brought me straight to the heart of the distilling industry around the world. Seeing the passion and warmth of the distilling community along with the amazing quality of what they were producing took me where I need to be.

Distilled spirits have exploded throughout the US and all over the world. A day can barely go by without word of a new distillery opening, a company’s massive expansion, or a new spirit that’s entering the market. I want to learn everything I can about these spirits, the people who put their heart and soul into their work, and the wonderful places that help shape them.

If you want to get in touch about anything you can reach me by email or find me on Instagram. I’m always looking for recommendations on new drinks to try or places to visit so please let me know about anything good!

Disclaimer: All views, thoughts, and opinions on this site are solely my own and not those of any other parties or current employers.